And if you're wondering why our tables seem a bit longer and more sturdy than what you'd find at a big box store, this is why.  A table for four or six just isn't big enough, just doesn't gather as much life as we'd like.  Why not a table  for 15+? 

"When you have more than you need, build a bigger table, not a taller fence."

Station 10 Studios is a growing business in Wichita, Kansas that focuses on delivering excellence in custom metal and fine woodworking, hand-painted signage, and decorative art.  Our name came from our house, the retired Fire Station 10 down the street from WSU.  Go Shox.  Owners Nick and Kristin Anneler bought and moved into the old fire station in 2011.  They immediately began renovations which included accommodations for four college buddies of Nick's on the main side of the house, and the Kaptain's Suite where Nick and Kristin experienced Tiny House living for the first year of their marriage.  As you can see below, that wasn't all they started fabricating.  Their best work by far, and the most fun to enjoy, has been Magnolia Grey (left) and Navi Ember (right).  ‚Äč